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Recorded and mixed at 16th Cellar Studios, Rome.
All music & lyrics by LUCTUS, except "Vilkalokiai" by OBTEST

Line up:
Kommander L. - vocals, all guitars, bass.
Agares - drums


released April 20, 2004



all rights reserved


LUCTUS Kaunas, Lithuania

Nihil blackmetal brigade from KAUNAS, Lithuania

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Track Name: Bloody frontline
Under the gray sky and black flags ov war
Incredible silence reigns in the frontline
Soon the battlefield will be painted with blood
And the life will leave many bodies

The cold fog hides the division
While the drops ov the rain soaks the pale faces
NO TIME for emotions, NO LIFE for the weak
Keep your weapon and deform into a beast!

As s pack ov wolves attack the prey
The soldier reaches and stabs the enemy
Between shoots, explosions ov grenades and screams
The rain blends with blood and mud

The bullets first, the Panzers crack the skulls
Soldiers falling one by one
While the battlefield is adorned by death
The frontline becomes a dreadful picture made by blood
Track Name: Song for the enemy
This is your tunnel without exit
I am s Wolf you are a pity lamb
This is a phenomenon ov hate
I am the plague bringer that is looking into your eyes

Useless unconscious words
Have broken the chains of anger
I, immovable Superb
Deserve a sight for disgust and hellish rage coincide

The pale naked face ov death
Is looking into your scared eyes
Trough My honor and black hatred
The evil will command My mind
As the wolf slays the lamb
My hands will crack your flesh and bones
Enemy, now pray your fucked gods
It's coming soon the time to die

The sky is turning red as squirting blood
As My legions start the ride
No fucking mercy to inferiors
My weapons will be against you until you'll be alive

Track Name: Children that will never more wake up
Between the opaque dust lifted
by a soft autumnal wind are
lying lifeless bodies like stones, indifferent to all
The assault is finished this night
No one is left alive...

A black smoke overshadows the rising sun
Today rise the dawn ov the mourn
The cold wind desperds the tears ov angels that
are crying the human life
Many, so many angels went down to cry those
heroes that nobody will remember

The soil is filthy by already cold blood
The frozen ground rocks those children
that will never more wake up
Innocents bastards, sons ov mother whore
paired of by evil
Those destroyed souls that cannot cry or suffer
are leaving their bodies to not return in them forever

From the sky rains down the death,
strangling the sighs ov the angels
She comes down and lands on the corpses
Caressing them frozen cheeks
In them motionless eyes...
the absence ov life
The cold embrace ov death
is their eternal comfort

The angel:
Niaukiasi dangus, tuoj lis vesus lietus
Galbut jo giesme uzmigdys amzinai
Siuos uzmirstus vaikus

Galbut jam pavyks nuplaut asarotas angelu akis
Nes laukti ilgai neteks ir cia bus vel
Karas ir mirtis...

The ghost ov life is escaping screamless while
in the distance weapons continues to fire
Here the sun is rising over a cemetery ov heroes
where no one will put flowers or switch on candles
A field sowed by death and watered by evil...
Track Name: Paskutine naktis
Saule jau mire uz pilku ir niuriu azuolu saku
Sidabrines zaigzdes jau spindi it akys tukstanciu istroskusiu vilku
Rukas toks niurus ir ledinis jau glosto mane
Nesvarbu ar gyvas as isliksiu rytojaus ryte...

Sia nakti manyje uzges bet koks zmogiskas jausmas
Tyras vejas nusines su savimi mano baime ir mesos skausmus
Sirdies viduje pabudo plesrunas uzuodes aukos baime
Pykciu verdantis kraujas dar karta nori pajusti savo genties garbe

si naktis galbut paskutine...

Islupsiu akis ir sirdi tiesas niekingas nesanciam priesui
Paversiu pelenais ju visus kryzius baltus ir baznycias
Nesvarbu, galbut man tai kainuos ir gyvybe
Uz mano Dangu, Zeme ir Miskus garbingai issizadesiu jos sia nakti paskutine!

Vienisa, visu uzmirsta, Mirties glebyje mano siela
Klajoja Mano amzinuose Namuose...
Visada, nuo senai zali miskai Mano Namai
Tyras Dangus, Zeme gimta amzini Mano Tevai...